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Digital Asset Management system -CIERTO-

CIERTO is a DAM (Digital Asset Management) system that can easily centralize, organize and share all your digital media files. It also can help you improve your workflow efficiency, saving costs and ensure effective branding management.

Digital Asset Management system -CIERTO-

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    Data management, sharing, and utilization

    All the images, videos, production data can be centrally managed using web browser. Data searching, checking and sharing tasks can be processed online which can speed up your business process.

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    Digitalization of production workflow

    All the content creation processes from data receiving, sharing, correction instruction, confirmation and distribution can be performed online. Users can share all the latest information in real-time which can optimize the production workflow.

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    The fast distribution for multi-media

    Integrated management of the latest product information and product images enable seamless distribution for each media.Accelarate distrubuition by associate with automatic catalog formatting and CMS/EC sites.

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    Empower business brand

    By properly managing and sharing the permission information associated with the data, you can prevent misuse or unauthorized use of the data. We support the unification of brand image and quality improvement by managing and sharing guidelines.

Digital Asset Management system -CIERTO-

  • ヘルスケア業界:ライオン株式会社

    Health Care Industry

    Lion Corporation

    Build a foundation on which content can be managed and used as an asset to improve productivity in daily operations and strengthen compliance.

  • 食品EC宅配:オイシックス・ラ・大地様

    Food delivery of EC sites

    Oisix ra daichi Inc.

    Succeeded in reducing over 40 hours per month in EC site production by centrally managing over 300,000 images streamlining, searching and conversion.

  • 住宅フランチャイズ:LIXIL住宅研究所様

    Housing Franchise

    LIXIL Housing Research Institute, Ltd.

    By centralized management of data, we have significantly reduced the number of man-hours and waiting time for searching, sharing, reusing and strengthening services for member stores.

  • 住宅設備機器メーカー:クリナップ様

    Household Equipment Manufacturer

    Cleanup Corporation

    Realization of simultaneous parallel production of catalogs, Web, and in-house materials by integrated management of product images and product information and construction of online sharing environment.

Digital Asset Management

Web-based file management

Images, videos, Adobe production data and proposal materials can be centrally managed with preview feature online.You can search and browse the data anytime anywhere. All functions and workflow operations for managed files can be selected and executed from the menu on the Web browser.

  • Embedded graphics of Adobe InDesign / Illustrator preview


    View embedded graphics of Adobe InDesign / Illustrator on CIERTO.

  • Office-Files preview


    View previews of Office documents such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint (suppport muiltiple pages ) on CIERTO.

  • CAD-Files preview


    View 2D (DWG / DFX) formats preview on CIERTO.

Video assets management

Video operations such as playing, fast-forwarding, comment registration for specific scenes, and scene search can be performed on the browser.

Video scene management and search

You can remark some information on every clip of a video and use the information to search the video you want. It’s also possible to save the videos with remarks together in another folder.


Copyright information management

You can manage the permission information related to the data by associating it, and you can display the watermark and control the download of the unusable data.


Download management

Automations help move content along the lifecycle based on metadata value. For example, you can control the permission (allow or deny) for users to download files, by using metadata such as data expiration date or check box value (true of false). You also can specify the the permission that allow or deny the user the ability to view original file or file with watermark.

Archive management

Save disk space by deleting the original file from CIERTO, you still can view the preview after removing the original file. It'll reduce disk usage to avoid unnecessary costs for over-usage.

Like! / Asset Comments

Users can express that they like, enjoy or support certain content on CIERTO by press the like button. They also can left comments to contents which is directly representing the liking of the user for a particular contents.

Search function

Full text search

User can not only but also search the metadata of files, but also are able to search words or phrases in a PDF/Office/Illustrator document.

Keyword search

Create a multiple filter conditions query can help to you get the file you were looking for quickly.

Batch search

Import a csv list of searching items to CIERTO to search for multiple files at once, you can collcet the searching items at once, these feature is making your assets more easily discoverable.

Product Information Management(PIM)

Product information management

User can manage related contents such as product information, product names, specifications, prices, product images and videos. When you tag assets with metadata, you then have the flexibility to organize and display assets in multiple ways according to how you have categorized the content. You also have the ability to search for content and find it more easily.


Multipurpose template management

User can create multiple templates according to attributes such as products, model photos, in-house documents, and manage data appropriately.


View of product folder

Data related to products such as product images, other cuts, videos, layout data can be managed in one folder.


Batch import /export of metadata

User can export the metadata of assets to a CSV file and also can import the data attribute to CIERTO from a CSV file. It’s easy to maintain the system for updating the information of a product and etc. It’s also possible to choose the designated item and preset it for a CSV export item.


Uploading file with metadata

When uploading files such as product photos, you can upload it with product information at same time. This feature can help you organize files efficiently, saving your money and boosting team productivity.

Sharing collection

Create a collection of assets and share it with your coworkers, partners or agencies.

Online production workflow


User can create automation workflow, an automation could be move/copy files according to your instructions or send notification email to specific users. The automation can be triggered by an event, the trigger could be clicking on a checkbox, edit metadata, or a file arriving in a folder, or a specific time. You can create automation Automation workflows helps you to increase productivity, efficiency, and stop wasting time and cuts through team workloads by automating workflow.


Unlimited Sharing

In CIERTO, you can share the data temporarily by notifying the user who does not have an account with the URL for downloading, uploading and viewing.

Online Proofing

CIERTO supports most filetypes, including PDF, Documents, Video, HTML to review & approval online.You can use online Proofing tools to add annotate notes, extracting/correcting text contents and comparing the difference between versions.


  • WEB



Online Collaboration

CIERTO can integrate with online proofing system "APROOVE". You can select files and convert them into a proof for review and after approval, the proof PDF will be saved back to CIERTO.


Publish to Multimedia

Image conversion/ trimming

Image can be resized or format changed before download.Use freehand trimming to trim part of the image, you also can specify the size before trimming then you will get same height and width images.


Video conversion/ cropping

Video can be converted to any codec format according to the needs of the users. Also, it is possible to specify the in/out timecode to crop part of the video.


Product image conversion and product information presetting for EC website

Based on the site standards for product images of ES website, such as Amazon or Rakuten, you can preset the conditions for product image conversion and CSV export items for product information. When select a EC website, product image will be optimized and product information will be extracted to a CSV file according to the settings of each site. Product images and information can be linked and optimized based on each platform, which is helping customer reduce costs of post images online,


CMS integration

It is possible to create content by extracting master data such as product images, product information, and catchphrases managed by CIERTO into CMS. By always using the latest data, content can be delivered and keep on branding without errors.
*This feature needs to integrate with other solution./p>



Log Management
CIERTO can handle event logs and output as a csv file.
Networking ACLs
With the ACL functionality available in CIERTO, you can configure user access control with port numbers or IP addresses
Welcome message
Users can check the welcome message on the dashboard after they logging to the service.
Active Directory (AD) authentication
Integrating LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) in CIERTO allows you to better control user authorizations as well as better maintain user accounts.
User Authority Management
You can set access areas and operation permissions flexibly.
Metadata Management
Metadata can be easily created and edited on CIERTO.
Two-factor Authentication
Stronger security for your CIERTO Account. With Two-factor Authentication, you'll protect your account not only with your password, but also with extra authentication factors , include email, authentication code.

ASPIC IoT・AI Cloud Award 2019
ASP・SaaS department overall grand prix winners

ASPIC IoT・AI・クラウドアワード2019

Visual Processing Japan received ASPIC IoT・AI Cloud Award 2019 of the ASP・SaaS department overall grand prix. The Grand Prix award is awarded to cloud services that are excellent and beneficial to society in Japan, which is given by ASPIC Japan - a non-profit organization supported by Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

CIERTO challenges to new business model such as past introduction record and digital asset management, because of its originality, scalability and social contribution.

Microsoft-certified solution provider (Gold Cloud Platform).

Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform

Visual Processing Japan is recognized by the technical ability and the good use of Azure, owns the Microsoft partner network gold competency membership.
Microsoft gold competency is awarded to companies that have demonstrated a very high level of expertise and a proven and specialized skill set in a particular technology or service area.